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Café Canteen

Our next Café Canteen Session will begin Fall of 2024!!!
Program Summary

Cafe Canteen is more than just a coffee shop! It is a six-week skills training program for adults with disabilities from 22 years of age and up. Participants are taught hands on skills tailored to their needs and abilities which will give them instruction, knowledge, and experience to better enable them to enter the work force and find a job in the food industry. Order taking, cashiering, and serving are just a few skills that will be taught. In addition, food choices and healthy eating as well as social skills are incorporated throughout the program.

At the end of this six-week program, each participant will have gained work experience and know-how, customer service and social skills, working as a team, working under time restraints, dress and hygiene skills, nutrition, and healthy food choices, self-advocacy, personal confidence, and the satisfaction of a job well done!

Café Canteen Curriculum 

Week 1 - introduction and expectations, procedures including time sheets, uniforms, and routines, hygiene and work attire, and cafe rules

Week 2 - review of procedures, jobs within the job and skills/requirements needed for each, menu reading and order taking, cashier/calculator skills, nutrition


Week 3 – chef day, cooking safety rules, cooking overview of meal, recipe following, the importance of sanitizing and learning how to make healthy nutrition choices


Week 4 - team work- definition/what it looks like, job training for hostess/greeter, order taking, cashier and serving


Week 5 – reading a grocery list, shopping for supplies and budgeting practice


Week 6 – customer day, prep and get ready to open Café Canteen, practice skills learned. Lunch and awards to follow.

When is this Program offered?

Café Canteen is offered seasonally (Winter, Spring, & Fall).

This fall session is offered every Monday (for 6 weeks), from 3pm - 5pm.

Registration & Fees

Come and Join the Cafe Canteen work training - don't miss out. Spots are limited!


Call our office today to register! (775) 827-3866


Cost: $25 per week. We do offer financial assistance, and SRC Funding may be used for this program. 

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