Learning, Connecting and Thriving

Our programs are designed to improve the health, wellness, skills and abilities of people with disabilities from birth to 100 years old.

We provide life skills training and education, pre-vocational skills based learning, and social and recreational programs year round.



Amplify Life Works! Camp

 As we near young adulthood, we reach a time in life where we begin to think about our future. What does life beyond high school look like? Can I or should I attend college? Will I be able to get a job? What kind of job is right for me? How do I apply? 

These are just some of the questions that arise when we reach a crossroads where we begin to contemplate the future. This can be perplexing for anyone. However, to someone with a disability, these questions may not be easily answered. 

Amplify Life WORKS! is centered around the concept of allowing youth and young adults with disabilities and their families to envision a typical life. The heart of the program focuses on making this vision a reality. 


What is Amplify Life WORKS!? It is a transitional camp designed to empower the student, by providing insight, knowledge, and tools to help prepare them to embrace their future and navigate young adulthood. The program focuses on academic enrichment and opportunity, socialization, independent living skills, including self-advocacy skills, and integrated work experiences and career skills that lead to gainful employment. 


Who is the program for? Young adults with special needs who are interested in working or exploring continuing education opportunities in their community. Amplify Life WORKS! is geared toward middle school and high school students, as well as recent graduates seeking to transition to the workplace. They are ages 14 through 22, and fit into a minimum 1:4 counselor to student ratio. 


What will I learn? Amplify Life Spring WORKS! is a one-week Day Camp, delivered in a small setting of 15 - 18 participants. Curriculum is presented in daily activity-based modules. The fun and interactive lessons facilitate vocational awareness and opportunities. The program includes guest speakers, community field trips to job shadow, business tours to exciting places like Custom Ink, Renown Medical Center, Scheels, Kimmie Candy, and Sparks Florist to learn about different job opportunities. There are visits to the University of Nevada, Reno, to explore continuing education opportunities, campus life, study support services, and maybe do a little hands on work in the DeLaMare Science Lab on the 3D printers!


What does the program cost? Nothing! This program is no cost to registered participants. However, space is limited. 

The goals of our prevocational skills based camps are to:


  • Provide pre-employment learning opportunities for students with disabilities

  • Enable youth to learn about and explore different career choices

  • Enable youth to discover their own strengths and interests that they can apply to a career choice

  • Support youth as they work to identify appropriate career pathways

  • Provide for job shadowing and internship opportunities in different career choices 

  • Work to acquire financial literacy skills and independent living skills


We have designed our program to address the following focus areas, including:


  • Career exploration

  • Workplace readiness training

  • College preparation and planning services

  • Instruction in Self Advocacy


We will focus on the following key objectives:


  • Assessing abilities and interest areas

  • Improving life skills

  • Improving communication skills

  • Increasing independent living skills

  • Improving soft skills

  • Increasing awareness of post secondary education opportunities in college, university, technical education and the trades

  • Improving self-awareness and self-advocacy skills



Summer Fun with Friends

Every summer we go to camp! In 2019 we went to camp with 80 campers and staff to enjoy 5 night at Eagle Lake in California. Summer camp is something our clients look forward to all year round, and we get campers coming back year after year. 

At camp, our clients stay in cabins, do arts and craft, go kayaking and swimming, play games, put on theatre productions, paint their faces and sing songs around the campfire. 

Summer camp is an amazing opportunity for people with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, and enjoy all the things their typical peers enjoy at summer camp. It is the highlight of our year! 

smokey and callie and bev.JPG


Overnight at the Discovery Museum

Night at the Museum is a ton of fun! Our campers get to stay the night at the Discovery Museum in downtown Reno. We play games, explore the exhibits and bring our sleeping bags to have a night out with friends.



Having Fun at our Skills Center and in the Community

Because camp only happens certain weeks during the year, Amplify Life holds short social and recreational programs all throughout the year. 

We have programs on Friday nights and

Saturdays from that include a wide range of activities and outings.

Examples of our short programs include:

McDonalds and a Movie

Yoga at the Yoga Center

Hiking with Amplify Life

Bowling at the High Sierra Lanes

Arts and Crafts

Holiday Parties


Our short programs typically cost $30 to attend, and clients can use their Regional Center respite funds to pay for programs as well. Our volunteers support staff during programs to ensure our clients are having fun, learning and staying safe.

We have a blast! 

Check out our events page to see what events are coming up! 

Interested in seeing what other programs we have to offer? Stop by today and see what we’re all about.